Hot Biopsy Forcep

Hot Biopsy Forcep

Used endoscopically to obtain mucosal tissue samples from Gastrointestinal tract for microscopic- Histopathological Examination.

Monopolar electro surgical unit can be used to cauterize the tissue when bleeding occurs during tissue sampling

Technical Information:

  • Without Spike
  • Availability- Sterile, for single use
  • Compatible with 2.8 instrument channel
  • Working Length- 170, 210cm
  • Active cord available separately.
  • Individually packed

Ordering Information-Mention product code x quantity required

Reference Product Name Type Required Channel∅ Working Length
S-BF-H-17 Hot Biopsy Forcep Without Spike 2.8 mm 170cm
S-BF-H-21 Hot Biopsy Forcep Without Spike 2.8 mm 210cm