Haemoseal powder device

1. As a tissue healant / sealant : Chronic Non-healing Ulcers, Peptic Ulcers, Post EMR / ESD
2. As a haemostat during active or ceased bleed : Duodenal, Gastric or Esophageal Ulcer
without visible vessel, Erosions, Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy, Colonic Ulceration including UC Radiation Parotitis

Source : Egg cell membrane
Composition : Collagen Powder Collagen is a type of fibrous protein. It supports and connects body tissue such as bones, tendons, ligaments ,muscles and keeps the body from falling apart. Collagen works with elastin to give strength and firmness to the body's tissue. It strengthens blood vessels and plays a role in tissue development. It is attached to cell membrane via several types of protein, including fibronectin and integrin. The cell membrane is the biological membrane separating the interior of a cell from the outside environment. It also serves as the attachment point for both the intracellular cytoskeleton and, if present, the extracellular cell wall.

Function : Studies have proved the importance of collagen in haemostasis. [It is a process which causes bleeding to stop]. In heavy powder form, collagen works with the body's natural coagulation cascade. Primary hemostatis occurs, blood platelets aggregate on the collagen, releasing coagulation factors.Afibrin clot is formed creating a physiological plug.

Collagen haemostasis effectively stops capillary bleeding. Shaili Haemoseal is a unique powder delivery system to spray collagen powder directly to the designated site throug h the scope in to gastrointestinal tract. This product with the characteristics of absorbability, adhering to tissue, non-expansion after getting wet, etc. has the functions of repairing nerve fibers, promoting formation of regenerated capillary and stimulating regeneration of cells. It can promote initiative repair and functional recovery of scar, reduce pigmentation and improve healing quality.

Precautions and Contraindications :
(1) Do not use to people with known allergy to collagen. If allergy happens, just stop using.
(2) Do not use in vessel lacuna because of blocking risk.
(3) With coagulation dysfunction and during anticoagulation treatment, hemostasis effect of Haemoseal will be reduced or eliminated.

Technical specification : This biological protein contains 100% natural, non synthetic and free from any toxic content.

System preparation:
1. Start pump
2. Attach pump tubing into the probe
3. Attach powder syringe into the probe
4. Make 2way stop cock in off position
5. Insert the probe into the scope channel
6. Locate the probe at desired position
7. Make 2 way stop cock in on position
8. Push the plastic air pusher to spray the powder

Ordering information : S-FBPRO-1 means 1 gm FIBRO PROTEIN

S-HSPHaemoseal Pump 
S-HSPR Haemoseal Probe2.5mm

note: For sale in the Indian subcontinent only

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